The programs are primarily conducted in a group setting however, individual session are provided upon request. Life coaching sessions are conducted individually. Life coaching sessions will be conducted via in person, video conferencing, phone, chat, email and text. *Disclaimer* Coaching service are not counseling therapy, psychiatric nor psychotherapy services.
Life Coaching


I specialize in personal, business and career coaching.

I help you to resolve mental blocks of self-defeat, low self-esteem , lack of confidence, fear and insecurities so you will navigate through life with clear direction to be catapulted to higher levels in your life.

Public Speaking


This program provides an atmosphere that affords you the opportunity to express yourself through the spoke word. You will learn how to best present yourself with poise, body language, vocal variety, enhance vocabulary and how to articulate your words and much more.

                    Exquisite Femininity

This program is designed to inspire, encourage and empower girls, young ladies & women about the essence of being feminine. Revealing how beauty is a reference point and to not be limited by sight of the outward appearance but to go deep within to begin the voyage of self discovery to become women of excellence and grace.

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